What is Open Meetup?

We’re a community that meets monthly to explore the intersections around “openness” and the academy.

This semester the Open Meetup is focusing in on the topic of open research and the many types of ‘open’ that it involves – open access, open data, open source software, and more.

Through our meetings this semester, we’ll explore stories of the impact that data and scholarly sharing can have, learn more about the some of the building blocks of openness like formats and licensing, and take a look at the stories we can tell through our data.

Who should come?

Everyone is welcome! No need for specialized knowledge or experience. Whether you are new to the idea of ‘openness’ or you’ve been expertly sharing your research for years – we want this to be a community to share and learn with each other. If you have an interest in how ‘open‘ can help improve research, teaching, and our communities, then join us!

Learn more about past events on our blog.