Open access, open data, open educational resources . . . Information and programs related to these topics seem to be cropping up all over campus. We started a community to share information, interests, and energy around “openness” and the academy. The UW Open Meetup gathers monthly for community building and information sharing.

In the past, we have hosted introductory informational sessions on a wide range of topics including open data, open educational resources, and campus copyright policies, as well as deeper dives into specific openness topics and projects led by members of the campus community. We have also hosted a virtual presentation on open education and open pedagogy by Robin DeRosa of Plymouth State University and held screenings and discussions on past OpenCon sessions. During  summer 2016, we facilitated a reading group for the book “The End of College” by Kevin Carey.

We invite you to attend one of our monthly meetups. There’s no need for specialized knowledge or experience. Anyone with any interest in how or why we might collect, share, and access information in ways that make it easier for more people to use that information is welcome.

We rely on community input and ideas to help shape our activities. Please get in touch with the organizers if you have any ideas for the meetup or are interested in becoming more involved. Feel free to share this invitation with anyone who may be interested. This community is intended for faculty, staff, and students!